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October 2010
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To Nano, or Not to Nano

on October 3rd, 2010 by Shannon

November is fast approaching, and with it comes the question – to Nano, or not to Nano? Usually, the answer is a quick and resounding “Heck yes!” But this year I have a lot on my keyboard. I’m currently querying “How to Speak to Spirits,” my middle-grade Nano novel of 2008. And I’m deep in the middle of re-vising “The Totally True Tales of Tansy Berry, Tooth Ferry,” last year’s Nano edition (which I’m really loving, btw!) Taking a revision class with Lani Diane Rich, (see previous post) and learning a ton!

I also have an adult novel tentatively titled “Breaking Point,” a novel of psychological suspense that desperately needs and deserves my attention. The rough draft is finished, I just need to apply the insight I’ve learned in Revision to make it a thing of beauty.

But still, Nano calls to me. It’s enticing, really, the thought of a new novel in only 30 days. What’s one month, right?

I think I need an intervention. Or a fantastic plot that I can’t turn my back on. While we all ponder on that question (which is probably the subject of another blog post) I’d like to leave you with a little taste of Tansy. This is from chapter 4, right after she’s lost her job – the only one she was ever good at – and her route has been given to Mandy Bull:

I hunkered down near the back to door to wait for Mandy to come out. I was going to tail her, in the hopes of catching her doing something so completely immoral and shocking that the rest of the crew at Tooth Central would have no choice but to fire her and possibly incarcerate her. Then, because I would be the one responsible for exposing her as the plaque she was, I’d be offered my own job back, complete with promotion and raise.

I liked it. It was a good scheme. Normally, I preferred the word plan, but since none of this could be considered legal, I would have to go with scheme, for the sake of honesty.

Other words I never thought I’d have to use:


  1. Destitute
  2. Homeless
  3. Morose
  4. Mawkish
  5. Sycophant
  6. Boondoggle

Though that last one is fun to say. Incidentally, a boondoggle is an unnecessary or wasteful activity. Which I was hoping this would not be. I was going to break the law, but it was for a good cause. If everything went as planned, by tomorrow I’d have my job, my room, and my life back.

Of course, things seldom go as planned. (But you already knew that, didn’t you. We’re not even halfway through the book.)

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